Aldred Beechgold

Aldred Beechgold was the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. He was well-liked by the people of the city and ruled fairly. Under his guidance the city became the main trade hub of The Nentir Vale. Despite his time often being occupied by political matters, he still made an effort to spend time among the people of Fallcrest, speaking with them about their concerns. This extended to the farmers that spent their time outside the walls of the city, and merchants who traveled the roads between Fallcrest and other large settlements. When necessary Beechgold would also personally hire teams of adventurers to take care of problems outside the city walls, where the jurisdiction of the city guard did not reach.

It was this sort of situation that Beechgold was trying to resolve that caused him to hire Elfman, Dagmar, Axel, Teeny and Taunty. He sent them to investigate Kobold Hall and wipe out the Kobold menace that lived there.

Later it was Beechgold who sent Grundy, Melechla Torment and Haiyakipoo to The Oasis of Jarib Arra. He had hoped to show these somewhat extravagant newcomers what a fine and pleasurable place Fallcrest could be. But unwittingly he had taken the first step toward his own death. At the Oasis, the three newcomers met Elfman and were drawn into a battle when Pontifex‘s minions attacked. If Elfman had been alone, he surely would have been overwhelmed and killed. But because he had help, sent by Beechgold, the Lich’s forces failed. Pontifex then quickly sent Salizar Marquis to assassinate Beechgold before the party could speak to him.

The reason for Aldred Beechgold’s murder is still unclear. But the four adventurers were blamed and imprisoned in Moonstone Keep until a Magistrate could be brought from Hammerfast to legally judge them guilty. After their escape, the captain of the city guard put out a call to all adventurers and bounty hunters in the Vale that a 5,000 gold reward would be paid for each of the heads of Beechgold’s murderers.

Aldred Beechgold

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