Durt is a dim-witted Half-Ogre brute. Though he will always do as he is commanded by his master, Durt is truly only happy when fighting.

For several years Durt was both the servant and muscle for Fisk in Fallcrest. But after a hard fight in The Filthy Ogre Tavern Fisk was killed. Durt found himself without a master and facing death. Durt surrendered to Elfman, who agreed to take the Half-Ogre on as his own servant. Shortly thereafter Durt helped Elfman to slaughter his companions, Dagmar, Teeny and Taunty.

Durt accompanied Elfman to The Oasis of Jarib Arra, where they lived in luxury for weeks, Durt responding to Elfman’s every command. But Durt quickly grew bored of this opulent lifestyle. So he was excited and pleased when Elfman was attacked by a Chuul that burst up from the sewers in the hot springs bath beneath the Oasis. When the creature was killed, Elfman sent Durt down into the sewers to see if there were any more monsters coming. Durt’s only report came as a scream of terror and pain that was quickly silences.

Durt is presumed dead.


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