Character Name: Grundy

Race: Warforged

Class: Swordmage

Acrobatics :: +8 Trained
Arcana :: +11 Trained
Athletics :: +11 Trained
Bluff :: +1
Diplomacy :: +1
Dungeoneering :: +2
Endurance :: +5
Heal :: +2
History :: +6
Insight :: +2
Intimidate :: +8 Trained
Nature :: +2
Perception :: +2
Religion :: +6
Stealth :: +2
Streetwise :: +1
Thievery :: +2

Background: Grundy was “born” five years before coming to the Nentir Vale, assembled and given life by a dark sorcerer called Falamar Rath. Falamar’s Captain of the Guard, Xarus Deathstrike then trained Grundy as a Swordmage in order to make him a more effective bodyguard for Falamar. Soon after Falamar commanded Grundy to take part in an attack on their enemy, Duke Malestros, and his stronghold. That command included arcane programming woven into the fiber of Grundy’s steel-clad organic core. Specifically to seek a valuable treasure hidden in the Duke’s Keep.

As Falamar’s Human and Warforged army raged across the Duke’s land, Grundy and Xarus crept up to the Keep along a little-used and long-forgotten game trail, finally gaining entrance through a secret passage. After stealing through the castle, Xarus suddenly stopped in front of a nondescript door. He ordered Grundy to go into the room and take the treasure inside, alone. Stepping through, Grundy was assaulted by arcane traps blasting fire, ice and noxious poisons. The vicious energies strained the very spells which bound his armor together. Grundy struggled to find and keep his bearings inside the treasure room while the battle raged outside. Driven by his master’s commands, Grundy fought back the onslaught of fire, swept away the crystals of ice and dodged the poisoned darts to find his prize: a silver chalice covered in runes and dark inscriptions.

Xarus was waiting when the door crashed open and Grundy tumbled onto the floor, chalice in hand. The Captain quickly snatched the prize and wrenched Grundy’s sword from his exhausted hands, then drove the blade through the Warforged’s chest, pinning him to the stone floor.

“You have completed your obligation to my Lord,” declared Xarus. “Know that you have given him a weapon that will allow him to defeat his enemies!” With that he spun on his heel, made for the secret passage and escaped the Keep.

Left for dead, betrayed and broken, Grundy gathered his strength. With a horrible cry of pain he wrenched the sword up from the floor and out of his body. Despite his exhaustion and feeble state, Grundy knew he must go or surely be found by the Duke’s soldiers. Mustering up a final massive effort, he threw himself down the corridor and into the outside world.

In time Grundy made his way to a nearby village and mended the holes in his broken body. But his once shining armor was now scorched and blackened, the fine surface now cracked and mottled. To survive he took work as a mercenary, eventually travelling across the sea to the Nentir Vale. It was there that he met Melechla Torment and they formed a partnership. But the remnants of his former master’s spell still drives him to acquire treasure. Deep in his core he knows that he must someday find the Chalice of Souls and have it for himself.

Death: Grundy has not died.

Notable Game Details: Grundy, while a powerful warrior, has a history of poor rolls. This has frequently crippled his effectiveness in battle.

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