Character Name: Haiyakipoo

Race: Wilden

Class: Monk

Acrobatics :: +12 Trained
Arcana :: +2
Athletics :: +3
Bluff :: +1
Diplomacy :: +1
Dungeoneering :: +5
Endurance :: +2
Heal :: +5
History :: +2
Insight :: +5
Intimidate :: +1
Nature :: +7
Perception :: +10 Trained
Religion :: +2
Stealth :: +14 Trained
Streetwise :: +1
Thievery :: +12 Trained

Background: Haiyakipoo was born in Shinaelestra, a city in the Feywild to Wilden parents, Kettenyaki and Shallahai of the Ruebenian Dynasty.

The circumstances of her birth are largely unknown; however, due to a violent political coup, her parents were forced to flee their home despite Haiyakipoo’s impending birth. The stress of traveling in her condition and the force with which Haiyakipoo entered into the world, caused Shallahai to perish during childbirth. Kettenyaki, knowing that the revolutionaries were not far off, took Haiyakipoo and escaped into the deepest part of the forest. There, he hoped to reach a little known portal into the mortal world. As he drew nearer to the portal the band of freedom fighters came upon on him. He cast a spell at the portal to close it, in the hope that he would be able to pass through at the last possible moment. Just as he was about to traverse the worlds, an arrow flew toward him and sliced his leg, wounding him badly.

Safely through to the other side, Kettenyaki took Haiyakipoo to the nearest road in hopes of finding a town where he might be healed. As they began to travel onward, they were attacked by a group of slavers. Wounded and unable to defend himself or his helpless newborn, he surrendered. Just as the caravan began heading toward the slave market, a lively band of adventurers happened upon the scene. The adventurers took great joy in slaughtering the slavers and freeing the prisoners. Sadly, Kettenyaki’s wounds were pronounced too serious by the party’s Cleric, and he was left behind to die at the mercy of the wilderness. The adventurers took pity on the helpless infant, but could not afford to care for it. After much discussion, it was decided to leave the child at a nearby monastery, the Cloister of the Nine Shells. There the monks might be trusted to take her in. Still, cowardice prevailed and the powerful fighters simply left the baby on the ground outside the gates.

Hours passed, but Haiyakipoo’s infant cries did not go unnoticed. A young monk, returning from his meditations in the forest, found Haiyakipoo and carried her in. Over the coming weeks no one ever returned for her, so the monks raised her as one of their own. They taught her in the ways of the monk and about the blessings of their beloved Melora, god of the wilderness.

Haiyakipoo grew as the years passed into a strong fighter and a devout follower of Melora’s word. Then one fateful day Haiyakipoo went into the surrounding forest to collect fruits for the evening meal. She was confronted by a horrible six-armed creature, gray-skinned with glassy black eyes the size of Haiyakipoo’s fists. The creature introduced itself as Slathe, vassal to her long dead mother Shallahai. The strange thing claimed that it had no intention of harming her. Instead Slathe explained that it had been seeking to deliver a message of grave importance. It proceeded to tell Haiyakipoo of the story of her auspicious birth, of which until this point, she had been unaware. The creature also warned Haiyakipoo that someone was looking for her and that she was in a great deal of danger. The forces which chased her parents had now discovered her whereabouts and were on their way to the Cloister of the Nine Shells to murder her. Slathe panted at her feet, begging that she not engage her enemies. Pleading that they were far more powerful than she could handle and she must seek a more skilled monk who could teach her to survive. Haiyakipoo had no reason to trust this strange creature and started on her way. The beast seemed to panic at the sight of her departure, and in desperation for her to listen tackled Haiyakipoo and knocked her to the ground. In surprise and fear Haiyakipoo fell back on her highly trained relfexes, leaping off the ground and kicking the beast in the throat, snapping its neck and killing it instantly. Horrified by her own actions, she immediately ran crying to the monastery only to discover that it had been burned to the ground. The kind-hearted monks who had so graciously taken her in were now hanging silently from the surrounding trees.

Angered and terrified, Haiyakipoo fled into the forest. Haunted by the story of her mother and father’s death, she was alone and isolated in the wilderness. Fearing for her safety, she travelled swiftly, hiding in the shadows. Many years went by, but the sense of unknown danger never left her. She could not shake the feeling that there was someone or something in this world that knew more about her than she knew about herself. And that someone or something wanted her dead. Her only comfort came from knowing that Melora’s blessings kept her alive and protected, perhaps for some greater purpose.

In this time Haiyakipoo travelled throughout the realm, never settling in one place for longer than a few nights. She was unfamiliar with the customs of city-dwellers, and was uncomfortable in the villages she passed through. But still she had the opportunity to speak with many people. Finally, Haiyakipoo heard a tale of a once-powerful monk who had fought an army of the undead single-handed. Legends said that the Monk had never died and still lived somewhere in the Nentir Vale.

Death: Haiyakipoo is alive.

Notable Game Details: Haiyakipoo is the only Good character in the game, which often puts her at odds with her fellow adventurers.

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