Jarib Arra

Jarib Arra was a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur in Fallcrest. While savvy in matters of money, Arra was never one to concern himself with rules and regulations. He had no hesitation to bribe city officials for permits and licenses if it meant swifter action.

Arra’s most ambitious real estate project was the conversion of an old temple to Geshtai and it’s attached monastery into a resort for the wealthy and famous. He called it The Oasis of Jarib Arra, in reference to the hot spring baths that were previously used for worshipping the water goddess. There were some limited protests from citizens of Fallcrest, claiming that Arra was being disrespectful of a goddess. But followers of the forgotten deity were hard to find, and the few who came forward soon disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Construciton of the Oasis was ultimately completed in record time and opened for business.

It was only 6 months after the grand opening that a violent battle took place in the hot spring baths beneath the resort. Some claimed to have seen the bloodied corpse of a Chuul floating in the waters. Others spoke of the statues in Arra’s magnificent scuplture garden coming to life. These reports were never explained in public.

Weeks earlier, Arra had come back to his office to find a wrapped package on his desk. Though Arra thought it a gift from a competitor or admirer, it was actually an enchanted gemstone planted there by Salizar Marquis. Unwrapped, the gem turned out to be the Soul Prism, a finely cut stone of unparalleled clarity and precision. Arra found himself drawn to it, often losing hours of his day staring into it. Through the prism, a little bit at a time, Pontifex was able to extract Arra’s soul from his body and take control.

Jarib Arra’s body was found, scorched, dessicated and lifeless in his office after the aforementioned battle. The prism was not among the businessman’s personal affects.

Jarib Arra

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