Ontash's Home

While traveling across The Old Hills, on their way to Nenlast from Fallcrest, Loughren, Grundy, Melechla Torment and Haiyakipoo camped one night in a valley. Loughren told the party about the early settlers of the region.

They were an agricultural people, building small farms to survive. But they were doomed to tragedy. A strange plague was unleashed on the people and they were wiped out in a matter of months. This happened more than 400 years ago, and the lands are still tainted by their deaths. To this day there are no farmers amongst the hills. Adventurers steer clear. Even Goblin and Kobold raiding parties stay away. It is said that the spirit of one particular spirit, a beautiful woman, once known across the Vale as a musician and singer, can still be heard playing her harp. She saw the death and tragedy around her and, to spare her children from the suffering, she lulled them to sleep so that she could kill them peacefully and quietly. She then took her own life as well.

Her husband, a kind and honorable man who was loved by the community, came home to discover her crime. Distraught and panicked, the man climbed to the tallest hilltop he could find and prayed to the god Corellon for relief. He begged the god to forgive his wife’s insanity and hide it from the people, so that her crime might never be known, and so the memory of her music might always be a kind one. Corellon, who was a fan of the woman’s music, took pity on the man. The god sunk the home into the earth to conceal the crime, then turned the man into a statue of the purest white marble to end his suffering.

The party accidentally stumbled into a hole in the ground, falling into the buried home. Inside they met the tortured ghost of Harmona, the woman who had committed this crime. She begged the party for their help in freeing her from this eternal prison. She said that if they could summon the spirit of Ontash, her husband, and convince him to forgive her, she would in return give them her harp.

The party agreed and sought out the statue of Ontash, still strangely unweathered after 400 years. Grundy performed a ritual using a piece of Ontash’s clothing found in the ruins of the house, and called up the spirit. They spoke with the man, secured his blessing, then returned to Harmona. Before she ascended to the Astral Sea to be with her husband and children again, she gifted the group her harp.

The party then continued their journey to Nenlast, where they rejoined with Elfman and trekked onward to Shadewynne.

Ontash's Home

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