Salizar Marquis

Salizar Marguis, a Drow Assassin, is an assistant to Pontifex. Pontifex refers to Marquis as his “Third Hand”, which is telling of the trust that the Lich has for him. Though technically a servant, the Drow acts more as an aide and advisor, and is trusted as one. His primary role, however, is to be Pontifex’s representative in public. It was in this role that he hired Fisk and his gang to attack Elfman, Dagmar, Teeny and Taunty in The Filthy Ogre Tavern, so that Marquis could steal the Dragon Lenses from Dagmar.

Later, when that encounter went south, Marquis followed Elfman and Durt to The Oasis of Jarib Arra. There the Drow was able to infiltrate Jarib Arra’s private offices and plant the Soul Prism there on behalf of his master. This gem allowed Pontifex to channel his arcane forces through the businessman, summoning the monsters that attacked Elfman, Grundy, Melechla Torment and Haiyakipoo in the baths, and later in the statue garden.

Lastly, when the adventurers escaped from the Oasis, it was Salizar Marquis that made haste to Moonstone Keep to assassinate Aldred Beechgold, the Lord Warden of Fallcrest before the party could meet with him. Why Marquis chose to murder Beechgold so swiftly is still unknown.

Salizar Marquis’ current whereabouts are also unknown.

Salizar Marquis

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